Our Steven Spielberg Podcast

April 23, 2018

Bombad Radio is pleased to welcome a new show in our midsts. Frequent guest on the show Steve Crellin (Media Meltdown Mousecast and Inside Infinity Podcast), and former guest Stephen Sparky Parker (Two Cents Movie Podcast) have joined together to talk about another Steven, this being Steven Spielberg and his films. 

The show is described as:

Steve Crellin and Stephen Sparky Parker  hold a monthly retrospective on the films of Steven Spielberg. Each month, Steve and Stephen will chronologically discuss each film in his filmography. Because who would be more qualified to do so than two other guys named Steven?

A focus on film podcast, this show promises something new and fresh to the Bombad Radio experience which now has the show Bombad Radio, focusing on comics, video games, Star Wars, voice actors etc, Musical Procrastination (monthly show about musical scores and composers), and now the Steve and Stephen on Steven show replacing our monthly Free-For All which has been on hiatus for a time. 

Steve and Stephen on Steven will be releasing monthly episodes on the first Saturday of each month. The first episode of the show is available now on the Bombad Radio feed and focuses on Steven Spielberg's first film "Duel" and gives a good example of what to expect in the future as they go through the career of Spielberg which includes his directing, producing, film, television, and animated works. 

The crew of Steve and Stephen on Steven would love to hear your thoughts on each episode as they go up on the Bombad Radio Feed! We hope you enjoy this new show! Also shows can be found here in their category tab: 

Episode 1 - Duel


Episode 2 - The Sugarland Express




Episode 13 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Episode 14 - Always














Episode 28 - Catch Me If You Can

Episode 29 - Arachnophobia

Episode 30 - HBO's 'Spielberg'

Episode 31- The Terminal 

Episode 32 - War of the Worlds

Episode 33 - Batteries Not Included