About Us

April 9, 2017

Bombad Radio was started on May 29, 2011 at a combined reunion of Star Wars Role-players from the online message board roleplaying group, The Gungan Council. Originally created as a podcast for the role-playing community it has since evolved into a podcast for the fans of all genres, focusing on authors, voice actors, and professionals and discussions about film, video games, fandom and more. 

Meet the Bombadiers (nick-name given to us by Tyson Dau in 2012)

Jeremiah Stewart 
Hosts: Essential Bombad, Bombad Radio, Friday Night Fights
Main host and founder of Bombad Radio. A huge fan of voice acting, video games, science fiction and fantasy. Jeremiah has been host since the show started and produces the show. Main fandoms include: Star Wars, Mass Effect, Starcraft, Fantasy Novels and more. 

James Schron
Hosts: Bombad Radio (inactive)

Currently in active as a host. James founded the show with Jeremiah and was fully active as a host until the end of 2016. James is a huge fan of Wrestling and larger and life personalities such as Diamond Dallas Page, Jon St John and more. Main fandoms include: Wrestling, Duke Nukem, Cars, Star Wars, VIllains

Kaela Hartman
Hosts: Bombad Radio
Co-host and co-conspirator to any and all nerdy shenanigans, Kaela found her calling to the Dark Side in High School. It only took her 10 years to fulfill her destiny, and now she's a member of the 501st. Living in Hoth as never been more fun! Her fandoms beyond a galaxy far, far away are many, but some current favorites are Marvel MCU, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Voltron, Parks and Rec (it counts!), and most things Disney. Also, if Kenneth Branagh had anything to do with it, she's in. 

Travis Hymas
Hosts: Essential Bombad Radio
Co-Host of Essential Bombad, and professional wearer of sweet t-shirts. A nerd before it was cool, he has been fascinated with everything from comics to video games and just about everything in-between. Travis made his first appearance as a guest to talk about KOTOR II before being graciously offered the chance to help make Essential Bombad a reality. You can always find him talking about Star Wars, Pokémon, Marvel/DC, and the occasional anime. 

Stephen Sparky Parker
Hosts: Steven and Stephen on Steven

Stephen “Sparky” Parker started his path in film snobbery after an eight grade assignment on the film Tora! Tora! Tora! and it just got worse from there. Started a podcast on Steven Spielberg with the sole credentials of sharing a first name, despite being extremely prejudiced on the proper spelling and thinking E.T. was highly overrated. In additional to unique, original, and occasionally artsy fartsy films, he can geek out over Pokemon, podcasts, cartoons, and giant robots fighting giant monsters. Rarely checks Twitter, but can be found @_mildlyamusing or reached on the Steven and Stephen on Steven Facebook page. 

Steve Crellin
Hosts: Steven and Stephen on Steven

Lee Irwin Allen
Hosts: Musical Procrastination

Host of Musical Procrastination; Lee is a listener, examiner, and all-round obsessive superfan of all things Film and Television Scores. He was born with a pen and paper in his hands, ready to analyse every note heard.