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Rob Smith joins us to discuss Star Wars Gaming, how the fall of Lucasarts led to where we are now as well as factors that may or may not be affecting EA's ability to make Star War...

Fanitarium Interview for December 2018 Guest: Carla Mack Info: Voice Actress known for Star Wars Audio Dramas, The Lost Legends of Redwall and more!

Guest: Wilbert Roget II Date: December 2017 

Interview: Nathalie Cox

Guest:Nathalie Cox  Date: November 2017

Interview: Ian Doescher

Guest: Ian Doescher Date: October 2017

Guests: Cast and Crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Date: 2011-2017

Interview: Neil Kaplan

Guest: Neil Kaplan Date: August 2017  

Guest: Kevin J. Anderson Date: April 2017    

The discussion on Michael Giacchino's Score for Rogue One continues, as Lee analyses more of Giacchino's new themes, as well as the returning Williams themes, and how they all fit...

Interview: Katie Elhoffer

Guest: Katie Elhoffer Date: February 2017

Interview: Carrie Keranen

Guest: Carrie Keranen Date: December 2016

Guest: William C. Dietz Date: December 2016

Interview: Rob Smith

Guest: Rob Smith Date: September 2016

Guest: Jesse Harlin  Date: September 2016

Interview: J.W. Rinzler!

Guest: J.W. Rinzler Date: September 2016

Guest: Peter McConnell Date: April 2016

Guest: Elaine Cunningham Date: March 2016

Guest: Nika Futterman Date: March 2016  

Interview: Martha Wells

Guest: Martha Wells Date: March 2016

Interview: Tim Lebbon

Guest: Tim Lebbon Date: February 2016

Interview: Greg Bear

Guest: Greg Bear Date: February 2016

Interview: Wally Wingert

Guest: Wally Wingert Date: February 2016

Steven and Stephen take a break from Spielberg to geek out about Star Wars!

A short Star Wars story written by Bombadier Jason Rose, read by Ben Harris, edited and produced by Zach Johnson. This was one of the top three finishers of our 2015 writing contes...

Interview: Abby Craden

Guest: Abby Craden Date: November 2015  

Guest: Daniel Wallace Date: November 2015

Guests: Jess Harnell (Animaniacs), Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs), Tress MacNeilee (Animaniacs), Dee Bradley Baker (Star Wars Rebels), Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Alchemist), Manu Bennett (...

Interview: John Whitman

Guest: John Whitman Date: October 2015  

Guest: Shannon Eric Denton Date: September 2015

Interview: Mark Griskey

Guest: Mark Griskey Date: August 2015

Guest: Christie Golden Date: June 2015  

Guests: Marc Thompson, January Lavoy, and Jonathan Davis Date: April 2015


Interview: Bob Bergen

Guest: Bob Bergen Date: April 2015   

Guest: Trevor Devall Date: February 2015

Interview: Cam Clarke

Guest: Cam Clarke Date: February 2015

Interviews: Jess Harnell and Rob Paulson (Animaniacs), Batman Artist Neal Adams, Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman, and Star Trek Designer Jon Eaves!  Date: January 2015

Interview: Jeff Bennett

Guest: Jeff Bennett Date: January 2015

Guest: Adrienne Wilkinson Date: January 2015

Interview: Ryder Windham

Guest: Ryder Windham Date: December 2014

Interview: Corey Burton

Guest: Corey Burton Date: November 2014

Interview: Ian Doescher

Guest: Ian Doescher Date: November 2014