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Guest: William C. Dietz Date: December 2016

Guest: John Jackson Miller Date: October 2016

Interview: J.W. Rinzler!

Guest: J.W. Rinzler Date: September 2016

Guest: Elaine Cunningham Date: March 2016

Interview: Martha Wells

Guest: Martha Wells Date: March 2016

Interview: Tim Lebbon

Guest: Tim Lebbon Date: February 2016

Interview: Greg Bear

Guest: Greg Bear Date: February 2016

Guest: Donald F. Glut Date: February 2016

Guest: Daniel Wallace Date: November 2015

Interview: John Whitman

Guest: John Whitman Date: October 2015  

Guest: Christie Golden Date: June 2015  

Guests: Marc Thompson, January Lavoy, and Jonathan Davis Date: April 2015


Guest: Walter Jon Williams Date: January 2015

Interview: Ryder Windham

Guest: Ryder Windham Date: December 2014

Interview: Ian Doescher

Guest: Ian Doescher Date: November 2014

Guest: Sean Williams Date: November 2014

Interview: Jeff Grubb

Guest: Jeff Grubb Date: June 2014  

Guest: John Jackson Miller Date: May 2014    

Intervew: Drew Karpyshyn

Guest: Drew Karpyshyn Date: November 2013  

Interview: Troy Denning

Guest: Troy Denning Date: October 2013  

Guest: Kevin J. Anderson Date; March 2013

  Guest: David Farland Date: February 2013   

Guest: Steve Sansweet Date: February 2013

Guest: Alan Dean Foster Date: January 2013

Interview: Timothy Zahn

Guest: Timothy Zahn  Date: January 2013

Interview: Dave Wolverton

Guest: Dave Wolverton Date: October 2012

Interview: Paul S. Kemp

Guest: Paul S. Kemp Date: May 2012

Interview: Sean Williams

Guest: Sean Williams Date: February 2012

Interview: Barbara Hambly

Guest: Barbara Hambly Date: February 2012

Interview: Steve Perry

Guest: Steve Perry (Author) Date: November 2011