This is the 3rd and final of the winners of our 2015 writing contest. This story is called A Life Without and was written by Jenha Brightstar and was recorded, edited, and produced by Zach Johnson. The other two stories in the "Tales from Bombad Radio" series include A Good Man and One Last Race, and were produced earlier this year. 
A short Star Wars story written by Bombadier Jason Rose, read by Ben Harris, edited and produced by Zach Johnson. This was one of the top three finishers of our 2015 writing contest and follows the winning entry One Last Race by Zach Johnson produced earlier this year.

Welcome to Tales of Bombad Radio where we will be publishing, in various formats, the winners of the 2015 Bombad Radio writing contest which happened in the spring of this year. This is the winning title "One Last Race" by Zach Johnson which also works as a prequel to our radio drama series. Enjoy! Below are credits for various files used: 

Three of the sound effects are from a site called
The wind effect was made by user Mark_DiAngelo
The boots effect was made by user iberian-runa (I modified this one pretty heavily; the site asks that anyone who uses a sound indicate whether or not you altered it)
The bush rustling was made by user duckduckpony
The rest of the sounds are from Empire at War and Racer Revenge.
Music is from KOTOR I (Saul Karath), KOTORII (Stealing the Shuttle), Shadows of the Empire (Ord Mantell Junkyard), 1313 (Unnamed track; plays over the end), The Force Unleashed (Sarlacc Unleashed), and, of course Episode IV (The Force 

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