Let's Talk, Fandom by fan request discusses Randy Pitchford, who the CEO of Gearbox is, where he came from and the recent controversies he has been swarmed with.

New Let's Talk, Fandom discusses the Nintendo Direct for September 2019 breaking down the news about Pokemon, more ports, Smash Brothers and more!


Stephen and Jessica tackle the first two Godfather films! Also stick around for the very end when they announce the winner of their summer box office challenge and how to win some fun prizes!

Munich.jpgSteven and Stephen discuss the start of the summer movie season and also dig into Spielberg's political revenge thriller Munich!


Let's Talk, Fandom - Disney/Fox Deal

Disney has bought 20th Century Fox for $52Billion! We break down the details, what does Disney get and NOT get. What about Parks? Comics? Shows like Gotham? When will the deal be final? All this and more!


Today cover the story, controversy, and of course fallout and impact of Star Wars Battlefront 2. We also cover reactions of fans and critics and our hopes for Star Wars games in the future!

October 22, 2017

Interview: Ian Doescher

Guest: Ian Doescher

Date: October 2017

Bombad Radio: Geeks and Legends Presents

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of 

Episode 2 - Ben Hurr and Toy Story

Stephen "Sparky" Parker and Jessica start with the bottom of the AFI list with the Biblical epic Ben-Hur and the inception of CGI animated films with Toy Story! 

Steven and Stephen discuss recent Spielberg news and dive into his first theatrical release, The Sugarland Express. 

This month on musical procrastination host Lee is discussing the music of Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope! If that doesn't prep you for this, I have no idea what will!
Musical Procrastination, the podcast where we discuss soundtracks, movie and television scores and the composers that brought them. This is our premiere episode of the show and we hope you enjoy it as we discuss a little about some new soundtracks, introduce the show and focus on Harry Potter soundtracks and John Williams!

Guest: Christian J. Simpson

Date: September 2012

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