Enter the Fanitarium and join us as we interview Scott Murray, longtime podcaster and writer. Scott Murray has a new project as Season 2 of his Fiction Audio Drama The Crimson Files is about to release Monday September 9! Join us as we discuss his show as well as superheros, fandom, and other projects!

Listen to the Crimson Files Now!


Voice actress Lani Minella joins us in The Fanitarium today to discuss some of her fantastic career in voiceover! In this 10 question interview you'll get a sample of what to expect when we interview her fully in the near future! 


Join us as we interview voice actor Daniel Riordan known for work in Transformers as Megatron, Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy, and even Jingle all the Way! Add in work in 3 Star Trek series, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and much more! 

Daniel Riordan on Twitter: @MrDanielRiordan

IMDB Site:


Join us as we interview video game composer Jon Everist as he discusses his recent award winning score for Battletech, as well as Shadowrun, Necropolis and more! 

More about Jon Everist can be found at his official website:

Music for this episode is used with permission of the composer (Jon Everist). Voice Over introduction is by Zach Johnson.


Today we welcome Kristina Ritorto, author of I Am A Survivor and Invisible Girl, and her father Marco Ritorto, author of The Cabal, as they discuss their books, inspirations, and the process of writing. You do not want to miss this family of authors! 

For more information you can check out their stuff at the following:



Twitter: @marcbjjfighter

Amazon: Kristina Ritorto & Marc Ritoro




Host: Jeremiah

Guest: Dr. Anthony Bean. PhD, editor of The Psychology of Zelda, available to buy wherever books are sold 

Amazon ($10.18 Kindle)

Barnes and Noble ($16.95 Physical)


Guest: John Cristóbal talking about his new and FIRST book Might & Valour: Legacy of the Kingdom due out April 30 for preorder and May 10 for EBook and the end of May for physical copy sales!

Facebook Author Page:

Twitter: @_JohnCristobal

Barnes and Noble:




Voice actor Kyle Hebert returns to the show to discuss Dragon Ball Super, Anime Dubbing, Ryu from Street Fighter and more!


Voice actor, sound engineer, voice director, author, and more Dan Friedman joins us to give us a look at the more technical side of voice acting and to give his advice on voice acting as he does in his book Sound Advice: Voiceover From An Audio Engineers Perspective, available at his website.

Voice actress Naomi Mercer Mckell joins us on the show to discuss her experience in voice work. Not a novice to the field, she has voiced for over 15 years and has done many things from commercials to animation, video games and more. Join us as we discuss the industry side of voice work, some of her experiences and get to know another amazing person behind the voice we know!


This week our guest is Philip Athans, former writer and editor for TSR and Wizards of the Coast; where he worked in franchises such as the Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering. He has written many books including the novelizations of Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 and has worked with authors from R.A. Salvatore to J. Robert King and then some. Now he works on helping authors become better with his Guide to Writing Fantasy, and Guide to Writing Monsters, and operates a blog to help even more aspiring authors!

Websites: Fantasy Authors Handbook

Twitter: @PhilAthans


Rob Smith joins us to discuss Star Wars Gaming, how the fall of Lucasarts led to where we are now as well as factors that may or may not be affecting EA's ability to make Star Wars Games. 

Rob Smith is the author or Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts and has worked decades in the game industry with many of the major studios. 


Fanitarium Interview Guest: Gary Bloom

Project: Antares Ascended (Support the Patreon Today)

Subjects: Writing Science Fiction, Influential Authors and Series, Fandom, and Writing in a Modern Busy World




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In this edition of Fanitarium Interviews we have Voltron voice actress Emily Eiden who voices the role of Shay in the Dreamworks/Netflix show. In addition to Voltron we discuss her work in museums, theater, and much more! Join hosts Jeremiah and Kaela as they interview, voice actress, Emily Eiden!


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