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Voice actor Kyle Hebert returns to the show to discuss Dragon Ball Super, Anime Dubbing, Ryu from Street Fighter and more!

Voice actor, sound engineer, voice director, author, and more Dan Friedman joins us to give us a look at the more technical side of voice acting and to give his advice on voice ac...

Voice actress Naomi Mercer Mckell joins us on the show to discuss her experience in voice work. Not a novice to the field, she has voiced for over 15 years and has done many thing...

This week our guest is Philip Athans, former writer and editor for TSR and Wizards of the Coast; where he worked in franchises such as the Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering...

Rob Smith joins us to discuss Star Wars Gaming, how the fall of Lucasarts led to where we are now as well as factors that may or may not be affecting EA's ability to make Star War...

Fanitarium Interview Guest: Gary Bloom Project: Antares Ascended (Support the Patreon Today) Subjects: Writing Science Fiction, Influential Authors and Series, Fandom, and Writing...


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In this edition of Fanitarium Interviews we have Voltron voice actress Emily Eiden who voices the role of Shay in the Dreamworks/Netflix show. In addition to Voltron we discuss he...

Interview: Ian Doescher

Guest: Ian Doescher Date: October 2017

Interview: Jennifer Hale

Guest: Jennifer Hale Date: March 2012  

Interview: Sean Williams

Guest: Sean Williams Date: February 2012

Interview: Barbara Hambly

Guest: Barbara Hambly Date: February 2012

Interview: Steve Perry

Guest: Steve Perry (Author) Date: November 2011

Guest: James Arnold Taylor Date: September 2011