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This month on the Fanitarium we dive into the world of fantasy as we talk about fantasy novels, films, television series. What have they tackled, what could they tackle in the futu...

Guest: Elaine Cunningham Date: March 2016

Guest: Erin M. Evans Date: January 2016  

Guest: Erin M. Evans Date: October 2014  

Interview: Jeff Grubb

Guest: Jeff Grubb Date: June 2014  

  Guests: Richard Lee Byers and David Farland (Dave Wolverton) Date: June 2014  

Interview: Ed Greenwood

Guest: Ed Greenwood Date: June 2014  

Guest: Troy Denning Date: March 2014  

Guest: Richard Lee ByersDate: February 2014  

Interview: Erin M. Evans

Guest: Erin M. EvansDate: November 2013

Guest: Paul S. Kemp          Date: September 2013

Guest: R.A. Salvatore Date: August 2013  

Interview: Paul S. Kemp

Guest: Paul S. Kemp Date: May 2012