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Join us for our final episode of 2018 as Jeremiah and Travis discuss the great comic book movie year that was 2018 and what there is to look forward to, comic book movie wise, in ...

This month on the Fanitarium we discuss Marvel, with films such as Infinity War and Deadpool 2 in theaters now, we bring in award winning make-up artist for Infinity War and many ...

Stan Lee has been in the news a lot of late and it's a mostly heart breaking tale and legal intrigue. Hosts Jeremiah and Travis break down what has been going on with Stan Lee sin...

Today we discuss the future of Marvel both film, tv, and video game with hosts Jeremiah and Travis and guest, author Adam Bray as he promotes his new Marvel Studios book "Marvel S...

This week on Let's Talk, Fandom we discuss the future of DC Comics. Not just talking about comics but the future of their TV work, video games, films. What are our hopes for them ...

Interview: Jeff Grubb

Guest: Jeff Grubb Date: October 2018

Guest: Kevin J. Anderson Date: April 2017    

Interview: Katie Elhoffer

Guest: Katie Elhoffer Date: February 2017

Guest: John Jackson Miller Date: October 2016

Guests: Four long time listeners and contributors of the show talk about their careers in voice work, acting, and writing, as well as their fandoms and John Jackson Miller  Date: ...

Guests: Fabian Nicieza (the creator of Deadpool), to Tony Anselmo (the voice of Donald Duck), to the Peter Davidson (the 5th Doctor in Doctor Who), to a real life hero, Buzz Aldrin...

Interview: Greg Weisman

Guest: Greg Weisman Date: March 2016

Guest: Donald F. Glut Date: February 2016

Guest: Daniel Wallace Date: November 2015

Guest: Shannon Eric Denton Date: September 2015

Interview: Stuart Moore

Guest: Stuart Moore Date: March 2015

Interviews: Jess Harnell and Rob Paulson (Animaniacs), Batman Artist Neal Adams, Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman, and Star Trek Designer Jon Eaves!  Date: January 2015

Interview: Ryder Windham

Guest: Ryder Windham Date: December 2014

Guest: Dr. Travis Langley Date; October 2014

Interview: Joe Corroney

Guest: Joe Corroney Date: October 2014

Interview: Sean McKeever

Guest: Sean McKeever Date: October 2014

Guests: Craig Parker (Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings), Veronica Taylor (Ash from Pokemon), Kris and Dave from Cyanide and Happiness, WETA Digital, Umbrella Corp, and so mu...

Guest: John Jackson Miller Date: May 2014    

Guest: Jason 'Angry' Ginger (E.L.E and Seven Days a Geek) and Wyatt Davenport (Seth and Chloe series) Date: February 2014  

Guest: Vivek J. Tiwary  Date: February 2014

Interview: Benton Jew

 Guest: Benton Jew  Date: January 2014  

Guest: Paul S. Kemp          Date: September 2013