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Guests: Cast and Crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Date: 2011-2017

Interview: J.W. Rinzler!

Guest: J.W. Rinzler Date: September 2016

Guest: Nika Futterman Date: March 2016  

Interview: Bob Bergen

Guest: Bob Bergen Date: April 2015   

Interview: Cam Clarke

Guest: Cam Clarke Date: February 2015

Guest: Adrienne Wilkinson Date: January 2015

Interview: Corey Burton

Guest: Corey Burton Date: November 2014

Interview: Anna Graves #3

Guest: Anna Graves Date: September 2014

Guests: E.J. De La Pena and Cas Anvar Date: August 2014

Interview: Tasia Valenza

  Guest: Tasia Valenza Date: July 2014    

Guests: Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Jason David Frank, Cyanide and Happiness and more! Date: May 2014    

Interview: Brent Friedman

Guest: Brent Friedman Date: February 2014

Guest: Stephen Stanton  Date: January 2014  

Interview: Sam Witwer

Guest: Sam Witwer Date: November 2013

Interview: Dave Fennoy #2

Guest: Dave FennoyDate: November 2013

Interview: Gideon Emery

Guest: Gideon Emery Date: November 2013

Interview: David Collins

Guests: David W. Collins Date: September 2013

Guest: Stephen Stanton Date: April 2013  

Interview: Tom Kane

Guest: Tom Kane Date: March 2013     

Guests: Anna Graves and Cat Taber  Date: March 2013

Interview: Timothy Zahn

Guest: Timothy Zahn  Date: January 2013

Interview: Dave Fennoy

Guest: Dave Fennoy Date: September 2012

Guests: Stephen Stanton and James Arnold Taylor  Date: August 2012 (Star Wars Celebration VI)

Interview: Anna Graves

Guest: Anna Graves Date: May 2012

Guest: Stephen Stanton Date: May 2012

Interview: Jennifer Hale

Guest: Jennifer Hale Date: March 2012  

Guest: James Arnold Taylor Date: September 2011