Join us for our final episode of 2018 as Jeremiah and Travis discuss the great comic book movie year that was 2018 and what there is to look forward to, comic book movie wise, in 2019!


20 years ago came the Sega Dreamcast a machine that was the last gasp for, then console maker, Sega. Many consider the failed consider ahead of it's time, others that it was too safe. Hear us discuss the Sega Dreamcast, what it brought to gaming and why it failed and why it was a success!


Fanitarium Interview for December 2018

Guest: Carla Mack

Info: Voice Actress known for Star Wars Audio Dramas, The Lost Legends of Redwall and more!


Steven and Stephen discuss the films of October and November and dig into Speilberg's computer animated Indiana Jones, The Adventures of Tintin!