Steven and Stephen go through the remainders of the summer season and stop by offbrand Seaworld for JAWS 3D and revisit the tagline game!


The Fanitarium Returns with Special Guests from the Jedi Counsel Podcast! This week we discuss mental health repercussions in some recent games such as Detroit Become Human (minor spoilers) and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice! Then we dive into the recently released Captain Marvel trailer and its potential impact on the public! Lastly we discuss Star Wars fandom and what is the difference between them and Marvel and DC fans about accepting certain change! Join us as we dive into mental health in the September 22 edition of THE FANITARIUM!


For almost two decades, discussion has raged about a possible remake of Final Fantasy 7. Recently the news has become official but with decades of stories about the game, here is what we know about the much rumored and currently in development title.