This month we journey into the iconic music from John Williams' Star Wars. But this time, it's new music! Hear new themes, new fanfares, and a whole brand new Score for The Force Awakens. This is Part 1 of 2; where Lee examines and unveils the beauty, the complexity and the brilliance of Williams' return to the greatest Saga of them all.


Steven and Stephen take a break from Spielberg to geek out about Star Wars!
A short Star Wars story written by Bombadier Jason Rose, read by Ben Harris, edited and produced by Zach Johnson. This was one of the top three finishers of our 2015 writing contest and follows the winning entry One Last Race by Zach Johnson produced earlier this year.

Steven and Stephen celebrate Christmas, talk Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and start a whole new feature of movie trivia games! You are very lucky to have this episode, by the way. Join Stephen Sparky Parker in donating to the MST3K Kickstarter at AND help support Bombad radio here! Bombad Radio - Books, Movies, Comics and more! » Donate to Bombad Radio